We started from this one question: are those imported fat skis suited to skiing in Japan? This is because Japanese ski terrains are immensely varied; even within a relatively small area, conditions can range from deep powder snow to hard and icy. Our skis are designed specifically for such frequently changing conditions. Our staff’s many years of experience as serious skiers go into the development of our unique skis inclding the selection of the materials.

Customized Skis and Snowboards

We offer the option of full or partial customization of our skis and snowboards. You will be guided through the entire process to build your perfect skis and snowboards. If possible, please include Illustrator file with description of shape, rocker, length, width and any other particular specifications, so that our expert team of engineers can design the best possible skis for you. We can also create a simple design for you.

1. Please fill out and submit the inquiry/order form. We will contact you shorty.
2. Once we receive the necessary information and the payment, we will start the design and development process.
3. We will be communicating with you via email through the entire design process.
4. Once you have confirmed that you are completely happy with the design, the build process begins. We will craft your skis using the top quality materials.
Our custom made skis start at ¥157,500. (Price varies depending on the specs.)

Snowflakeski Stainless Threaded Inserts

Our Snowflakeski stainless steel threaded inserts allow high quality AT bindings to be used on multiple skis.
Drill the holes in a set back position.
Drill several holes in the heel piece so that different boot sizes can be used.
Any bindings can be used with the same ski.

Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts

We use the highest quality Japanese made stainless steel for our high precision threaded inserts. For use with M5 screws.
¥147/piece tax inclusive

Stainless steel hex socket screws, various types (some Phillips screws)

¥84/piece tax inclusive (Shapes and lengths are varied depending on your bindings.)
Complete screw set for a pair of skis: 12-18 screws, ¥1,050/set tax inclusive
Dynafit: (Radical FT, ST), (Radical Speed), (Low Tech Speed), (Vertical FT), (Vertical ST), (TLT Comfort), (TLT Speed)
Marker: (Jester, Griffon, Squire), (Old model Duke, Baron), (2011 or later Duke, Baron, Tour F12)
G3: (Ascent), (Onyx), (Targa)
Salomon: (STH series), (Z series)
Black Diamond: (O1, O2, O3)
Please contact us for other models.
Tap for our inserts ¥1,050 tax inclusive
Tap handle ¥1,050 tax inclusive
Drill bit for our inserts ¥1,050 tax inclusive